UNUSED 2' x 2' Grow Tent Custom Kit

Customize your own 2x2 grow kit. Perfect size for grow 1-4 plants from seed to harvest.
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Grow Kit Size

2' deep, 2' wide, 4'7" or 5'3" high

Expected yield

3-5 oz per crop (85 - 140 grams)

Optimal number of plants

1-4 plants

Included Accessories

All our grow kits include the accessories and components you need.

  • Dual Outlet Timer to control your lighting
  • Rope Ratchets to easy hang and raise/lower your grow light
  • 12 feet of 4" Ducting & 3 Duct Clamps to install your ventilation
  • Straps to hang your fan and carbon filter (if carbon filter is purchased)
  • Zip ties to help you mount your power bar & other accessories