2' x 4' Grow Tent Kit

$599.95 $549.95
Perfect size to grow 2-4 plants from seed to harvest. Estimated yield of 8-16oz per crop.
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Full warranty on everything but the bulbs - Warranty varies product by product. See below for details

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Grow Kit Size

2' deep, 4' wide, 6'11" high (expandable to 7'-11")

Expected yield

8-14 oz per crop (225 - 400 grams)

Optimal number of plants

2-4 plants, depending on your growing style

Grow Light Options

Customize your kit by selecting your Grow Light in the dropdown above.

400W HPS Grow Light (+$0.00)

  • 400W Ballast,
  • Wing Reflector,
  • 400W HPS Bulb (for flower),
  • 400W MH Bulb (for veg)
  • Low cost setup & replacement bulbs
  • 3 year warranty on reflector & ballast. No warranty on bulbs
  • Less efficient per watt than LED
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600W Viparspectra LED Grow Light (+$60.00)

  • Low Cost Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.
  • (120 High intensity 5W Bridgelux/Epileds LED Diodes draw a total of 260W of power.
  • Viparspectra V600 features dual on/off VEG/BLOOM switches one that allow you to separately toggle on and off the veg/bloom diodes.
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240W Samsung Diode LED Grow Light 3000k spectrum(+$170.00)

Samsung Diode Quantum Board
  • 576 premium quality Samsung LM301B diodes drawing 120W of power.
  • 50,000 hour working life
  • 3 year warranty
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315W CMH Grow Light (+$50)

  • 315W Ballast & Reflector,
  • 3200K Spectrum Bulb
  • Long lasting bulbs rated for 20,000 hours (about 3 years)
  • Efficient energy use and high yield per watt
  • 3 year warranty on ballast/reflector. 1 year warranty on bulbs
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Complete Ventilation System

This kit includes everything you need to setup the perfect ventilation environment in your 2'x4' tent.

  • 4" Inline Fan rated to 203 CFM with a built in variable speed fan controller. Turn the fan up on hot days if temperature is an issue or turn it down to save power and reduce noise.
  • 4"x12" Carbon Filter ensures no one can smell your grow
  • 6" Interior Fan maintains air movement within your grow tent to make your plants healthier & sturdier

Premium Grow Tent

Unlike many of the thinner 600D tents on the market our 2' x 4' Premium Grow Tents are made with thick, high quality, 1680D material that is impermeable to light, resistant to odors and insulated to maintain an optimal grow environment.

7 ventilation ports with dual clinch ducts
Rear entry for easy access to the back of the plants
Large bottom vents for passive intake
1' Height Extension Included, tent can be 6'11" or 7'11" high


We've included the accessories and components you need.

  • Dual Outlet Timer to control your lighting
  • Rope Ratchets to easy hang and raise/lower your grow light
  • 12 feet of 4" Ducting & 3 Duct Clamps to install your ventilation
  • Straps to hang your fan and carbon filter
  • Zip ties to help you mount your power bar & other accessories

Grow Medium Options

Barebones (+$0.00)

Use your own pots or DIY hydroponics system.

2 Plant Soil Starter Kit (+$40)

2 plant soil kit
  • 2 x 5 Gallon Hard Walled Nursery Pots
  • 2 x 12" Saucer
  • FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Pint
  • FoxFarm Grow Big Pint
  • Just add soil. We recommend FoxFarm Happy From potting soil. Available in store.

2 Plant Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Kit (+$140)

  • 2 x 5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets
  • 2 x 6" Net Pot Lids
  • 2 x 2.5W Air Pumps
  • 2 x 2" Active Aqua Air Stone
  • 1L each of General Hydroponics Flora Bloom, Flora Grow, Flora Micro. Enough for 2-3 crops.
  • PH Control Kit
  • Hydroton clay pebbles
  • Rockwool starter plugs and air tubing