240W BAVAGREEN LED Grow Light - Samsung LM301H Doides w/ UV + IR

BAVAGREEN Uses Samsung Diodes and Meanwell Driver

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2 year in store warranty
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  • High quality 400W HPS replacement
  • Top bin full spectrum Samsung diodes.
  • 240W true wattage draw
  • Meanwell Driver
  • Passive cooled design with large aluminum heat sink.
  • Built in dimmer switch
  • Fully assembled, simply plug and play
  • Flower footprint: ~ 1.5'x3' - 2'x4'
  • Veg footprint: ~ 2'x3' - 2.5'x4'

BAVAGREEN Grow Lights offer premium quality LED lighting at a home grower friendly budget. Grow high quality quad grade flowers while generating less heat and using about 50% the power of traditional HPS.

Powered by a Meanwell HLG-240H-54A driver that can be dimmed directly on the driver using a small screw driver. The unit is completely assembled with no wiring necessary, simply plug and play.

Spectrum Options

Mixed LM301H with Osram 660nm/730nm Deep Red and Seoul UV 385nm

Now featuring Samsung LM301H diodes.

Samsung's latest and most efficient diode designed specifically for horticultural applications.

Unit has an on/off switch with dimmer and separate switches for the UV, IR and Far Red diodes.

LED count
LM301H 2700K: 192
LM301H 4000K: 320
Osram 660nm: 24 Osram 730nm: 4 Seoul UV 385nm: 12
PPF 588μmol/s
Efficacy (400 nm - 730 nm) 2.45 μmol/j
Driver Meanwell HLG-240H-C2100B

Common Specs

Input Voltage AC 100-277V
Dimensions 24.8" x 8.25" x 1.22"
Weight 9.25 lb
Mounting Height 6 - 24" above canopy
Input Power 240w
Light Distribution 120°
Thermal Management passive
Dimming 0-10V
Life rating 50,000 hours