4' x 4' Premium HPS Grow Kit

Perfect size to grow 4 large plants or up to 16 smaller ones. Estimated yield of 16-30 oz (450 - 840 grams) per crop.
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Full warranty on all products, see below for details.

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Grow Kit Size

4' deep, 4' wide, 6'11" high (expandable to 7'-11")

Expected yield

16-30 oz per crop (450 - 840 grams)

Optimal number of plants

4-16 plants

Choose your HPS Grow Light Option

Customize your kit by selecting your Grow Light in the dropdown above.

600W HPS with Wing Reflector


  • 600W Ballast
  • Wing Reflector
  • 600W HPS Bulb (for flower)
  • 600W MH Bulb (for veg)
  • 3 year warranty on reflector & ballast. 90-day warranty on bulbs

1000W HPS Grow Light with Air Cooled Reflector (+$100.00)


  • 1000W Ballast,
  • Air Cooled Reflector,
  • 1000W HPS Bulb (for flower),
  • 1000W MH Bulb (for veg)
  • 3 year warranty on reflector & ballast. No warranty on bulbs

6" Metal Inline Fan & Grip Clip Fan

  • 6" Metal Inline Fan rated to 412 CFM. 2 year warranty.
  • 6"x 24" Carbon Filter ensures no one can smell your grow
  • Fan speed controller. Turn the fan up if temperature is too high or turn it down to save power and reduce noise.

4'x 4' Premium Grow Tent

  • 6'11" high, expandable to 7'11" high with included height extension
  • Sturdy 1680D fabric provides better durability, odor control and temperature/humidity control
  • Diamond patterned interior mylar coating
  • 6 x 8" dual cinch ducting ports
  • 1 Year Warranty


We've included the accessories and components you need.

  • Dual Outlet Timer to control your lighting
  • Rope Ratchets to easy hang and raise/lower your grow light
  • 12 feet of 4" Ducting & 3 Duct Clamps to install your ventilation
  • Straps to hang your fan and carbon filter
  • Zip ties to help you mount your power bar & other accessories
  • 6" Grip Clip Fan for interior air circulation
  • Thermometer / Hygrometer to monitor your temperature and humidity