Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Bloom Part A


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We made a breakthrough discovery for coco coir growers.

As it turns out, that missing piece to your grow puzzle is extra IRON.

That’s right. Adding iron to your coco coir grow is JUST as important as adding extra calcium and magnesium.

And we included OPTIMAL ratios of chelated iron… in multiple forms… to ensure your plants enjoy the ideal conditions to rev up and maintain peak performance.

When you put this ultra-premium base nutrient to work in your garden…

  • Multiple amino acid complexes provide additional nitrogen source that get to work with valuable micronutrients by your root zone
  • Humic acids support better chelation and pH buffering… Building the optimal conditions for maximum nutrient absorption
  • A surfactant spreads and sticks nutrients to roots and root hairs, so they remain available to the solution