BudTrainer BudStakes - Plant Training Root Anchors/20pk


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Anchor stakes for your wild babes

  • Helps you train small seedlings that are 3 to 6 weeks old
  • Creates stronger branches and wider canopies with more colas
  • Perfect for low-stress-training (LST), mainline, or manifold
  • Can be used in Soil, Coco Coir, or Rockwool
  • Can be reused multiple times ***

Whatever technique you're into, BudStakes give you the advantage of starting your training early - right next to your baby seedling. Just stick them in the ground and tie your branches down!

As your roots grow around the BudStakes they become even more firmly attached to the ground, holding your branches down without coming out of the soil.

The ideal time to use the BudStakes is 3 to 6 weeks after your seedling sprouted, and while the branches are still within the pot. 

But be careful! If you haven't trained your plants before you may end up breaking a branch or two. It's part of life and your plant will send more energy to the other branches anyway. 

Don't like plastic? Don't worry! the BudStakes are made of a material that is environmentally friendly and decomposes into nature - so you can either re-use them or toss them out with your soil without feeling a drop of remorse.

*** DO NOT remove the BudStakes before harvesting, or they will rip through your roots as they will grow around them to "anchor" them in place ***