CYCO Coco Coir Brick 5kg

Cyco Coco Bricks are made using the very same high quality RHP certified Cyco Coco coir as used in our extremely popular 50L Coco Coir bags. Made up of 100% coco coir which is compressed into 5kg bricks, the Cyco Coco brick will give you up to 55L (14.5 gal) of pure 100% RHP certified coco coir at a stable pH of 5.5 – 6.5 and comes in convenient to carry package.
You may be familiar with our 50 Liter Coco Coir bags, but now Cyco has a 5 kg/11 lb compressed brick, giving you the same quality Cyco Coco Coir with the RHP brand in a smaller compressed size yielding 55L/14.5 gallon by just adding water. Cyco Coco Coir has high water absorption and essential air ratio. It is pre-buffered and pH stabilized.