Cyco Coco Pearl 50 Liter Bag

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Cyco Coco Pearl is a mixture of Coco Peat and Perlite. Our product combination is able to display the RHP stamp of quality as both the Coco and Perlite are sources in Europe and are both RHP certified. The combination of the two RHP certified product gives us a superior blend for serious growers.

Cyco Platinum Series Guarantee

  • Washed Coco Coir with Perlite.
  • Coco Coir with 30% Perlite
  • Pre buffered & pH stabilized.
  • High water absorption & essential air ratio.
  • Free from pests.
  • Features RHP premium quality.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Contains 70% Coco fiber and 30% Perlite.


Apply water till medium becomes damp.


Water each day with added hydroponic nutrient.


Water 2-5 times daily with added hydroponic nutrient.