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FloraFlex Multi Flow Bubbler - Drip Manifold


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The Multi Flow Bubbler is an 8 outlet manifold that delivers water and nutrients to your plants at the pressure of your choice. The Multi Flow Bubbler has no pressure regulation and is completely gutted inside to allow maximum pressure while still evenly distributing water. This also means the FloraFlex manifold can be operated with smaller water pumps. 8 barbed ports that connect to 1/4 inch OD Tubing.

The Multi Flow Bubbler comes with 4 color-coordinated interchangeable quick loading flow inserts at 2, 6, 10 and 20 GPH so you can find your desired flow rate.

  • Yellow: 2 GPH
  • Black: 6 GPH
  • Red: 10 GPH
  • Blue: 20 GPH

Connect the Open Flow Bubbler with the 1/2" female inlet at the bottom. Change to a barbed fitting by attaching a Hydro Flow Tub Outlet, which we also carry.