Flower Carbon Filter

Tired of trying to fit a big carbon filter and inline fan into your micro grow? The Flower Filter is the first activated carbon filter designed specifically for micro-growers.

Instead of a bed of granulated carbon the Flower Filter utilizes a brick of carbon with Micro-Channel Technology for easy air flow.

Pair with AC Infinity Multifan S2 Blower
Brand: Flower Inc.
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  • Parallel Channel Technology for Easy Airflow
  • Seamless Air-Tight Attachment (Peel and Stick)
  • Compact Space Saving Size
  • Compatible with PC Fans or small blowers

How It Works

You will need a fan to move the air through your filter.  We recommend pairing the Flower Carbon Filter with the AC Infinity Multifan S2 offered in our store. Cut a 4″ opening near the top of your grow space.  The fan will seamlessly attach to the outside, while the filter attaches inside.  Adjust the fan speed, with the included speed controller, to optimize your airflow. The stale and hot air will be removed from your grow space and released back into the room, while the odor is absorbed and trapped by the filter.

Don’t waste your time with ineffective pad filters. Add the Flower Carbon Filter to your home grow. 

How Many Filters Do I Need?

Our filters were designed for personal sized micro-grows.  We recommend one filter per 25 cubic feet.

How big is the filter?

Each filter is 4″x4″x4″.  You will need 2″ (6×6) of additional space, on the mounting wall, for the filter mount.