Gaia Green Super Fly Insect Frass

Excellent source of slow, but easily released plant nutrients. GAIA GREEN Super Fly Insect Frass is a fertilizer derived from black soldier fly larvae frass. Though new to organic growers, this digested material has been playing a significant role in plant nutrition for millions of years. Super Fly is rich in essential nutrients.
Brand: Gaia Green

DIrections for use

Pre-mixing in soil: Add 45 ml (1 tbsp) per 4 L (1 gal) of soil or growing medium and mix thoroughly.

Top Dressing: Gently dig into the soil surface 15 ml for every 4L of soil. Apply once a month or as required.

Foliar Application: Mix 10 ml (2 tsp) per 4 L (1 gal), strain well and apply liberally. Apply once per month or as desired.