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Mars Hydro Cree COB LED Grow Light


SPECIAL BUY - Retails for $349.95! While supplies last

MARS Hydro Cree COB LED Grow Light offers great full spectrum lighting for small spaces or works well as supplemental lighting to fill in gaps and provide even coverage. Draws ~110W of power.
3 Year Warranty

The Mars COB light is perfect for small grows or as supplemental lighting.  

Mars COB uses a CREE cxb 3590 COB led with supplemental Cree and Osram red and blue chips around the perimeter.  All powered by a high quality Meanwell and passively cooled (no fan) with massive heat sinks. 

Th diodes are enclosed IP65 enclosure that offers complete protection against particles and water.

MARS Hydro COB features multiple options for hanging angle making it very flexible a supplemental light source.


Comparable HPS/MH/HID: 250w HPS

Diodes: CREE cxb 3590 COB led with supplemental Cree and Osram red and blue chips

Driver: Meanwell ELG-150-54B

Wattage draw:  110W +/- 5% @ 120VAC

Coverage:  2'x2' core coverage. Up to 3'x3' vegetative growth.

Working life: 50,000 hours

Thermal management: Passive cooling with large aluminium heat sink

Dimensions: 12"x9"x8"

Input Voltage: 100-240V