Stepwell Biolarvicide


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EM1 is a liquid with preserved lactobacilius microbes, which helps break down amendments in the soil faster for harder feeding plants. This product is a type of Korean natural farming technique. The Mixing ratio is 1ml to 1000ml of water

Biological Larvicide - Bacillus Thuringiensis var Israelensis (BTI) at 1200 ITU.  

Highly effective against Fungus Gnat and mosquito larvae at very low doses and safe to other non-target organisms

BTI is extremely effect for Fungus gnat larvae infestation in your houseplants. This biological larvicide can be used in greenhouses, bulb crops, bedding plants and vegetable sets to control for fungus gnat larvae.

Directions: Dilute at 1-2 mL per 1L of water. soil drench once every 2-3 weeks as required.