Stepwell Compost Tea


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Bring your soil to life with an abundance of beneficial microbes and soluble nutrients with our Stepwell Soil Compost tea mix. This blend does not require measuring other additional ingredients, It's a one scoop and brew method. All the microbes are dormant in dry form which can stay shelf stable for years. 

Optional additional ingredientsEM1 Essential Microbes at the rate of 1ml per litre



  • 1 cup for every 20L of water
  • Aerate with air pump for 24-48 hours and use finished tea within 2 hours after aeration

Dilution Rates for Aerated Tea and Water:

  • Seedling - 1:4
  • Clones - 1:2
  • Mature - 1:0 (no dilution)



  • Bokashi Plus, malted barley flour,kelp, alfalfa, azadirachta indica, insect frass, cane sugar, wollastonite, basalt, dolomitic lime, glacial rock dust
  • Glomus intraradices mychorizae , bacillus subtilis, Trichoderma harzianum, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacilius megaterium
  • Bacillus subtilisexhibits both a direct and indirect biocontrol mechanism to suppress disease caused by pathogens. ... Bacillus subtilis can also solubilize soil P, enhance nitrogen fixation, and produce siderophores that promote its growth and suppresses the growth of pathogens.
  • Bacillus pumilus inoculationmay enhance plant micronutrient uptake by increasing micronutrient availability in the soil–plant system through soil acidification . The responsible mechanism is PGPB-induced production of organic acids into the soil
  • Bacillus licheniformisis a ubiquitous, saprophytic, common soil bacteria that contributes to nutrient cycling and displays antifungal activity.
  • Bacilius megateriumis a good source of industrial proteins because it is both a desirable cloning host and produces a large variation of enzymes.
  • Trichoderma harzianum is an effective biocontrol agent against several fungal soilborne plant pathogens.