Stepwell Rigain Plant Wash


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EM1 is a liquid with preserved lactobacilius microbes, which helps break down amendments in the soil faster for harder feeding plants. This product is a type of Korean natural farming technique. The Mixing ratio is 1ml to 1000ml of water

Use Rigain to Keep your plants clean and healthy from contaminants and unwanted pest without using harmful chemicals. The word Rigain (regain) is Gaelic/Old Irish for Queen. 

- Dilute at the ratio of 10-15ml of Rigain to 1L of water
- Use a fine mist sprayer to get under and over the fan leaves
- Be sure to get as much coverage on your plants
- Shake well before use, and shake the premixed solution every 5 mins to ensure even mixture
- Best applied out of direct light
-Do not spray when temperatures are above 27 degrees Celsius
- For heavy contamination use 3 days in a row for 2 weeks
- Use once to twice a week for mild contamination and for preventative maintenance
- Do not use this product in conjunction with other products or nutrients

CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children. Wear protective gloves and eye wear. If Exposed to eyes, Rinse with cool water for 20 mins

Ingredients: Water, Unrefined canola oil, peppermint oil, liquid surfactant, isopropyl, food grade citric acid and sodium citrate