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Green Planet Nutrients

Green Planet Nutrients

Green Planet Nutrients are a proud Canadian company founded with 25 years of craft growing knowledge. They are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest quality, cleanest nutrition for your plants. Green Planet Nutrients continues to push the boundaries in the advancement of their horticultural product line to bring you superior yields. Their plant fertilizers are designed for any experience level, from novice, hobby to commercial/expert grower. Get better results, heavier more bountiful lush harvests than ever before with Green Planet Nutrients and fertilizers. 

Green Planet Nutrients are dedicated to producing top notch plant nutrients while also being conscious of the environment. Without compromising on quality, their production methods are innovative using ethically sourced nature-inspired nutrients doing their part to cultivate a greener future for all.

Check out Green Planet's Nutrient Calculator to get the most out of your grow.

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Green Planet Nutrients