2' x 2' Premium LED Grow Kit

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Grow Kit Size

2' deep, 2' wide, 5'3" high

Expected Yield

4-6 oz per crop (110 - 165 grams)

Optimal Grow Space

1 - 4 plants

Bavagreen 120W LED Grow Light

mixed UV + IR Samsumg meanwell diodes
  • Highest end diodes on the market with 268 Premium Samsung LM301H diodes with supplemental Osram Red / Infra Red and UV diodes.
  • Unit has an on/off switch with dimmer and separate switches for the UV, IR and Far Red diodes.
  • 50,000 hour working life
  • 2 year in store warranty
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Phat 4" Metal Inline Fan

Phat 4
  • Perfect fan for small grow tents! Save power and keep your setup compact
  • 160 CFM Metal Inline Fan
  • Built in speed controller
  • Low power consumption, just 18W
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4" x 12" Carbon Filter 200 CFM

Activated Carbon Filter
  • Controls the smell of your grow
  • Activated Carbon bed filter
  • Includes changeable pre-filter
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Mammoth Pro 60 - 2' x 2' Grow Tent

Mammoth Tent
  • Dimension: 2' x 2' x 5'3"
  • Material: 210D Mylar
  • 2 Ventilation windows, 2 cable inlets, 2 4 ducting inlets and 1 ducting outlet
  • 3 support beams for installing fans, lights and carbon filter.
  • Strong frame with 19mm steel poles and high quality corners and connectors
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2x2 Premium Grow Kit Accessories

We've included the accessories and components you need.