AC Infinity Cloudcom A2 mini smart thermo-hyrometer (intergrated sensor probe)


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Product Description
  • A mini smart sensor to pair with our app for accurate climate updates to help maintain the ideal environment.
  • Built-in temp humidity sensor provides fast-refresh readings of climate levels with daily highs and lows.
  • Connect to our app via Bluetooth for remote climate monitoring, alarms, data graphs, and CSV charts.
  • Features a compact design that is light and portable; can discreetly fit in small and tight spaces.
  • Fit for use in many home and grow settings like greenhouses, grow tents, guitar rooms, and basements.


A compact smart hygrometer designed to provide accurate temperature and humidity readings to our app to help you maintain the ideal environment. This model with built-in sensor accurately measures climate conditions and generates daily high and low readings of an entire space, all viewable on our AC Infinity App. It features a compact design that enables you to place it in small and tight spaces. So whether you are wall hanging, magnet mounting, or desktop placing the temperature sensor, you will be able to quickly inspect your space to react to sudden changes. This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.


Connect to the AC Infinity app via Bluetooth to access all that this climate sensor has to offer. This includes remote climate readings, and trigger alarm programming, as well as calibrated temperature, humidity, and VPD readings. You can also receive custom push notifications on your smart device for rapid response to sharp peaks and dips. See historical climate data graphs to track trends and export them as a CSV spreadsheet for further analysis.


This smart indoor thermometer for home features a small, compact form factor that enables it to fit in tight spaces. Fit for use as a grow room thermostat or a server temperature monitor. It is also fit for other grow settings like greenhouses, grow tents, and closet builds. The Bluetooth climate gauge can also be used to help improve the comfort of your pets in spaces like reptile terrariums or chicken coops. Other home uses include apartments, basements, and guitar rooms where humidity must be kept to a minimum.

Model: AC-CCA2