AC Infinity Grow Tent Mounting Bars 3'X3'


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  • Accessory bars designed to create additional support systems while maximizing space in grow tents.
  • Rigid steel build crafted for a reliable hold on grow products and endurance against heavy usage.
  • Features heavy-duty support clamps that reinforce the mounting bars to double their weight capacity.
  • Grip pads and hook-and-loop straps firmly hold the bars while offering effortless height adjustment.
  • Fit for 3x3 grow tents to support supplemental lighting, clip fans, trellises, and drying racks.


A set of grow tent accessory bars designed to provide greater support for equipment while maximizing interior space. Constructed with highly resilient steel to form multiple support systems, the CFM bars can be arranged to handle grow accessories without strain or wall bowing. The durable support clamps double the potential weight capacity for reinforced strength to hold additional or heavier products. Firmly secure the mounting bars in place with adhesive grip padding and hook-and-loop straps for effortless placement and height adjustment.


These mounting bars are fitted for grow tent frames of any size to support such accessories as clip-on fans, trellis nets, and drying racks. They can support additional or larger equipment when using the included support clamps. Supplementary lights can magnetically mount onto these bars and be arranged as inter-canopy side lighting.

Model: AC-HCA33