Basil - Kitchen Blend Seeds


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Kitchen Basil Blend seeds combines three unique basil varieties with green and purple leaves for use in the kitchen. The Blend includes basil with large, smooth leaves that are suitable for pestos, pastas and salads, and also more pungent varieties to make vinegars and herbal teas. Basil flowers are also edible so add them to your dishes too! Basil also makes sensational microgreens - they take a little while to germinate but are worth the wait for the gourmet flavour. This Kitchen Blend can be grown on the windowsill, in the garden or in containers on the patio. All types of basil enjoy warm, freely draining soil and lots of moisture in the summer heat.

    • Beautiful basil trio
    • Adds distinctive colour
    • A great choice for pesto, teas and vinegars
    • Use the flowers in salads
    • Season: Warm season
    • Exposure: Full-sun