Bergamot - Lemon Bergamot


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0.2gr, Approx - 500 Seeds

  • Season Warm season
  • Exposure Full-sun
  • Wonderful taste and lemony aroma
  • Produced tiered pink-purple blossoms
  • Flowers cut and dry well
  • Very nice as cut flowers
  • Blossoms from August until frost

Monarda citriodora. Lemon Bergamot has a wonderful taste and lemony aroma, but it is usually grown as an ornamental or for its cut flowers. Lemon Bergamot seeds are easily started and produce knee-high plants with masses of tiered pink and purple blossoms from August until frost. Lemon bergamot can self-sow, and its seeds are easy to collect for seed saving. The flower stems are very attractive in bouquets as cut flowers, and the dry well. The dried flowers can be used in tea. All bergamots are highly attractive to honeybees and other pollinators.