Bluelab PH Pen Kit

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Get the top selling and most reliable PH Pen combined with the calibration and storage solutions you need to maintain it.

Bluelab PH Pen Kit contains:

  • Bluelab PH Pen
  • Bluelab 4.0 Calibration Solution - 500ml
  • Bluelab 7.0 Calibration Solution - 500ml
  • Bluelab KCl Storage Solution - 250ml


Bluelab PH Pen Highlights

A hardy, compact pH and temperature pen. Perfect for quick and easy pH and temperature readings direct from your solution

  • Fully waterproof - not just water resistant
  • Simple two-point calibration process for accuracy (using the 2 calibration solutions included in this kit)
  • One-year peace-of-mind warranty
  • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings everywhere
  • Auto-off function to extend battery life
  • 1 AAA battery included - simply power on and go

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