BudTrainer BudClips -Flexible Low Stress Training (LST) Clips/20pk


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Flexible clips for your lanky sticks

Do you want to keep your canopy flat and your colas fat, but without spending all that effort tying your plants down? Do you want to give your plants more light but they are growing too tall?

BudClips are soft and flexible rubber clips made for cannabis Low-Stress Training (LST). Different than regular LST clips, which are made of hard plastic, the BudClips are soft and flexible and allow your branches to grow into thick nodes that supply a lot more juice to your colas.

  • Flexible clips for your lanky sticks
  • Helps you grow thicker branches and fatter colas
  • No need to use garden ties or strings or stakes
  • Can be reused multiple times (branches become solid after 3 days)
  • Made of soft and flexible rubber that doesn't hurt your plants

But be careful! If you haven't trained your plants before you may end up cracking a branch or two. It's part of life, and we assure you your plant will recover just fine.

BudClips can be removed 2 days after being used, and can then be reused in other parts of the plant. The BudClips can be used for 5 to 10 grow cycles.