Canna Peat A+B


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Specifically designed for Peat mix growers and exclusive to the Canadian market.

CANNA Peat Mix is a two component fertilizer (A&B), developed for use with common, general usage non-fertilized peat based mixes. This fertilizer is a complete base nutrient and highly concentrated, with a recommend dosage of 1-2 ml/Litre, which means that these bottles go for a long way!

The Peat Mix Fertilizer is a "single stage" high quality formula, which means that it is designed to be used throughout the vegetative and flowering phase which makes it very easy to use for all peat-mix growers. Obviously all CANNA additives are compatible with the fertilizer.

Why a specific Peat Mix fertilizer?

The difference in structure, water retention and longer term pH control of European Peat mixes (including CANNA Terra Professional Plus), as compared to Canadian peat mixes , makes it different to correctly water and fertilize the plants.

CANNA TERRA nutrients are not suitable for growing on Canadian Peat Mixes because they are designed for higher quality, better pH control and pre-fertilized potting soils.

The CANNA SUBSTRA line works well with the Canadian Peat Mixes, but is originally designed to be used on completely inert substrates. Substra is also designed to meet specific water quality (hard or soft water) as plants react stronger to the differences in inert systems.

CANNA Peat Mix A&B is specifically designed to meet the character of Canadian Peat mixes. Like the mixes itself, it is easy to use.