Celeriac - Brilliant Celeriac


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0.03gr Approx 50 Seeds

  • Matures in 110 days
  • Season Cool season
  • Exposure Full-sun
  • Flavours between mild celery and parsley
  • Grows vigorously
  • Nice in soups
  • Big white root with few markings

Brilliant celeriac seeds are easy to grow and harvest. The big white root has few external markings and grows vigorously. Flavour hovers between a mild celery and parsley and it has the consistency of a potato. Celeriac is surprisingly versatile and makes a fantastic puree that matches well with other root vegetables. Or try dicing some and adding to winter soups. Add some to stir-fries, or sliced thin in a scalloped or gratin dish. Try cutting some raw celeriac thinly in to matchsticks or small cubes, and pickling them in some sweet vinegar. The firm texture of pickled celeriac adds crunch and a bright flavour to salads and stews.