Doktor Doom 420 Fungicide concentrate - 1L


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Copper Based

1 Liter makes 50 Liters up to 200 Liters

Dormant and growing season liquid copper fungicide. Controls many plant diseases using low concentrations of copper. 

Biodegradable - Decomposes to a form useful to plants & microbes. Do not apply within one day of harvest.

  • Copper Octanoate Fungicide Controls and suppresses on Contact and provides Residual Control of all diseases listed on label
  • Copper Octanoate is EPA Approved for Organic Gardening • Apply using a handheld sprayer, ULV or backpack sprayers
  • For greenhouse and outdoor use only
  • Eliminates on contact and provides residual control of listed disease
  • Diseases controlled or suppressed: powdery mildew, rust, fire blight, leaf spot & more
  • Use on fruits, vegetables and hundreds of other plants, trees, shrubs etc.
  • Use on lawns • Use up until one day before harvest
  • QR Code on label for easy reading.
  • For best results read label before use
  • Made in Canada