Eggplant - Ping Tung Long


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0.25gr Approx-60 Seeds

  • Matures in 65-90 days
  • Season Warm season
  • Exposure Full-sun
  • Taiwan eggplants
  • Disease resistant
  • Fruits to 30-45cm (12-18") long

Named for Ping Tung, Taiwan, the town of its origin. The fruits are light purple, from 30-45cm (12-18”) long, and only 3cm (1¼”) in diameter. Hardy, disease resistant plants bear heavy yields of sweet and tender fruits — as many as twenty per plant. Be sure to stake the bushy plants for the straightest fruits. Eggplants thrive in containers, but the trick is to keep the soil evenly moist, particularly during the hot weather of mid-summer, when the plants are most productive. The plants work equally well in the open field, but benefit from full sun and some protection from harsh wind.