Lettuce - Pomegranate Crunch Pelleted Organic


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50 Seeds 

  • Matures in 45 days
  • Season Cool season
  • Exposure Full sun to partial shade
  • Pelleted seeds
  • Uniform size and shape
  • Small, dense heads with red leaves

Pomegranate Crunch Pelleted Organic romaine lettuce seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! This petite lettuce is like a cross between a romaine and a butterhead, with small, dense heads with cherry red leaves and light green hearts with a splash of red. The leaf ribs are very clean and uniform. The colour transition from the outer leaves to the heart is very smooth, creating a beautiful contrast. The heads of this variety have very uniform size and shape. Seeds are pelleted and sold by seed count. Be sure to keep the seed bed constantly moist until germination. Pelleted seeds require constant moisture.