Lupins - Russell Hybrids


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2gr, Approx 70 Seeds

  • Exposure Full-sun to partial shade

Lupinus polyphyllus. Stunning, brightly-coloured spikes create a strong feature in the early summer garden. Its pea-like flowers grow in dense spires. Scatter through cottage or wildflower gardens or mass plant in the border. Purple, deep blue, red, pink, yellow, cream, and white. Soak Russell Hybrids lupines seeds for 24 hours or nick the seed ends and plant. Russell Hybrids grow to 5mm (1/8") deep in pots early spring or in summer for flowers next summer. This variety offers all the lupine colours in one package - purple, deep blue, red, pink, yellow, cream, and white. If you want more of a certain colour, gently separate the little offset at the base of a mature plant and replant. Lupines fix nitrogen in the soil.