Nasturtiums - Glorious Gleam Seeds


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5 grams, approx. 35 seeds

This semi-trailing Nasturtium wanders 1m (36") and more. Large, fragrant, double and semi-double flowers come in a beautiful range of colours. Encourage it to climb by tying. Sow Glorious Gleam nasturtium seeds to fill in a large area quickly. Glorious Gleam Nasturtium seeds can be direct sown in the late spring or early summer. Try them in hanging baskets or along a rock wall. All Nasturtiums tend to self-sow, but they are tender plants and easy to control. The leaves, flowers, and seeds of this nasturtium are edible, and the flowers bring a rich visual pop to salads and smart drinks. An AAS Winner in 1935.


    • Hardy annual
    • Double and semi-double flowers
    • Encourage to climb by tying
    • Semi-trailing to 1m (36")
    • Fills a large area quickly
    • Exposure: Full-sun to partial shade