Ona Gel Pro


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Open the Ona gel jar and leave it outside grow area or around your house for powerful odor removal.
We don't recommend using Ona Gel directly around your flowering plants. Instead, use it around your house if you don't have a carbon filter or if your carbon filter isn't clearing up all the smell from your plant. See this article for more info.
  • From the supplier: The 1L jar of Ona gel will neutralize odours in a 10x10 room for 3- 5 weeks.
  • For general use just open the lid and place where odours are prevalent.
  • Ona Gel can be used in it's container or put into smaller containers to spread around the house. Pro tip: put it in a vase for decor & odor removal in one!
  • Can be combined with the Ona Breeze fan for greater odor removal
  • Ona Pro Gel is close to odorless. Although it has a slight scent when sniffed in the container
  • 732g / 25.6oz