Onions - Redwing Coated


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0.5gr Approx 100 Seeds

  • Matures in 110 days
  • Storage onion
  • Mild flavour
  • Globe shaped
  • Hybrid seeds

The ultimate in a red-skinned storage onion, this one stores nearly as well as Copra. Sow Redwing storage onion seeds early to accommodate for its long days to maturity. The large, globe shaped bulbs are hard bodied, and uniform at 7-10cm (3-4") across. They have unique, deep red, glossy skins, and strong tops.

At the end of summer, when the onions have formed nice bulbs, harvest them as needed. At full maturity, the tops of the onions will fall over, signalling the end of growth and the time to harvest. If no rain or frost in forecast, knock each onion over the rest of the way. This will break the roots’ contact with the soil and begin the drying process. Leave the onions like that for two or three days.

At the first sign of rain or frost, bring the whole onion plants indoors and lay them out in a dry area away from direct sunlight. Leave them to cure for two to four weeks until there is no more green showing in the stems, leaves, or necks. During this time, the papery skins covering each bulb will harden and contract. Use scissors to trim off the roots, and cut around 2cm (1″) up the stem for each bulb. Store them in a cool, dark place in mesh bags or trays with breathing holes. A well cured storage onion can retain its desirable flavour and aroma for as long as 12 months.

These seeds are coated with an inert, organically certified layer which helps to minimize clumping in storage and seed sowing machines. The coating is approved by organic certifiers in Canada, the US, EU, and Japan.