Phantom Cultivar GL250 LED 250W


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PHANTOM Cultivar GL250 LED is designed for those who take their cultivation seriously, regardless of what they grow. The compact, elegant yet robust fixture can be used for many different applications. Offering 2.6 μMol/J efficacy, the GL250 incorporates a premium aluminum unibody heatsink for longer diode life and less output degradation over time. The integrated Master-Apprentice Dimmer knob (MAD) and Two-Step Spectrum switch (TSS) puts the grower in control without the need for additional gear. The mission has always been the same since 1977: Cultivate Higher.

Nimble and Capable:
The physical dimension of the fixture is only around 1 x 1.5 ft with a 2.3-inch profile and 11 lbs. in weight.

Premium components offer performance and reliability. True IP65-rated fixture against dust and humidity.

Master-Apprentice Dimmer knob (MAD):
It's more than just an on-board dimming knob. The MAD dimmer lets you take control of up to four GL250 fixtures when daisy-chained in an array using the included RJ12 cords. In addition, you can always connect with an 0-10v external controller of your choice.

Two-Step Spectrum switch (TSS):
Use the IP65-rated TSS to switch between VEG/FLOWER mode. The FLOWER mode offers the classic S4 spectrum, providing a full spectrum with supplemented red LEDs at 660nm. The VEG mode will reduce the red spectral output for vegetative plant development needs. 

Get more from PHANTOM Cultivar:
Start growing your own immediately. We included a pair of ratcheting hangers in the box. We also have PHANTOM Cultivar GT Grow Tents


  • 250W Rated Input Power
  • 641 µmol/s Photon Flux (PBAR 280-800 nm)
  • 625 µmol/s Photon Flux (PAR 400-700 nm)
  • 2.56 µmol/J Efficacy   
  • DLC Hort QPL Listed eligible for utility rebates
  • Standard U.S. 120Vac Input Voltage
  • Includes standard RJ12 control cable
  • Control 4 GL250's together with MAD dimmer function
  • Dimming ability of 40-100% output
  • Spectrum switch between Veg & Flower
  • True IP65-rated