Poppies - Canada Mix


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0.15gr, Approx-550 Seeds

  • Exposure Full-sun to partial shade
  • Bright red and white flowers
  • Hardy annual
  • Hardy to Zone 3
  • Self sowing
  • Height to 40-60cm (15-25")

Show your Canadian pride by planting Canada Mix poppy seeds for a flush of red and white cheer from June to September. This mix looks so nice in large plantings, and it will fill by self sowing over time. Papaver rhoeas is a hardy annual that thrives in Zones 3-9, in practically any garden soil. Sow the seeds in early spring, while there is still a risk of frost, and repeat twice at six week intervals. This will produce a much longer bloom time than from a single sowing. Otherwise, sow them in the fall, once nights are getting cold, and they will bloom the following summer. These poppies are very easy to grow, and they'll reach a knee-high height of 40-60cm (15-25").