Remo Nutrients Supercharged 10L Kit


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The all-in-one REMO supercharged kit comes with 7 x 10 litre bottles from the REMO line.

The kit includes:

  • Remo Grow - 10L
  • Remo Bloom - 10L
  • Remo Micro - 10L
  • Remo VeloKelp - 10L
  • Remo MagNifiCal - 10L
  • Remo AstroFlower - 10L
  • Remo Nature's Candy - 10L

Remo Base Nutrients: Micro, Grow, and Bloom

Remo's base nutrients; Remo Micro, Remo Grow, Remo Bloom

3 of the best ways to provide a nutrient foundation for your plants.

REMO Micro, Grow, and Bloom bring a quality and simplicity to your garden. Our proprietary blend of macro and micronutrients provide your plants with the foundation needed to achieve maximized yield. Micro, Grow, and Bloom use only pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates to ensure consistency and pH balance.

Can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

Remo VeloKelp

Remo VeloKelp

REMO Nutrients' top secret mega-supplement

REMO's mega-supplement, VeloKelp promotes vigorous root development and assists with reducing transplant shock. This formula is packed with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, designed to support a thriving garden. It can be used during all stages of growth, however VeloKelp is most beneficial during early plant development.

VelopKelp can be used as an additive or foliar spray.

Remo MagnifiCal

Remo MagnifiCal

Provides essential macrominerals to your plants

REMO MagnifiCal provides essential miacrominerals to your plants and is super chelated, resulting in a quicker uptake to your plants. Specially formulated to spped up absorption rates and can start affecting your plants within a couple hours after use.

MagnifiCal can be used as an additive or foliar spray.

Remo AstroFlower

Remo AstroFlower

Promotes flower development

REMO AstroFlower has been specifically formulated to complement the base nutrients: Micro, Grow, and Bloom. This precise blend of fossilized organics assists with the production of essential oils and aromatics, and increasing potency.

AstroFlower can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

Remo Nature's Candy

Remo Nature's Candy

Promotes and supports beneficial bacteria and fungi development

REMO Nature's Candy promotes and supports beneficial bacteria and fungi development. It comprises a blend of carbohydrates and amino acids is extremely beneficial for all stages of plant development.

Nature's Candy can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.