Safers Sulphur Dust 300 gram


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Safer's Sulphur Dust is a simple, yet effective fungicide and mite treatment for indoor and outdoor plants. This pale yellow sulphur powder controls a wide range of fungal diseases and mites that threaten plant health. Simply dust the sulphur onto affected leaves and soil for targeted protection. The sulphur works through contact, so complete coverage is important for best results. Use Safer's Sulphur Dust as an easy-to-apply treatment for plants suffering from powdery mildew, scab, rust, leaf spots, black spot and a variety of mites.

  • Safer's Sulphur Dust controls and prevents black spot, rust, leaf spot and powdery mildew on roses
  • May be used up to one day before harvest on all crops except grapes for wine which require a 21 day interval
  • May be dusted directly onto plants or bulbs, or may be mixed with water for spray application
  • Active Ingredients: 92% Sulphur
  • Size: 300 g