Stealth Ventilation In-line Fan 120V 6" 460CFM


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The Stealth Ventilation 6” unit is popular for medium-sized grow tents with at least a 4x4ft base or greater. A wider inlet hole and internal impeller allow this model to tackle a high volume of air and still fit within your grow space harmoniously. The durable 6” model should be matched to a grow room of equal CFM, or ideally slightly less, to give growers flexibility with additional ventilation elements or adjusting canopy size. The overall CFM rating for your ventilation system should also consider the CFM rating of your carbon filter.

The 6” Stealth model is ideal as both an exhaust or intake fan. As an exhaust fan, it is equipped to run 24/7 and will serve to continually suction out CO2 depleted air. In controlled greenhouses, carbon dioxide plays a critical role as a building block of plant growth. As CO2 enables photosynthesis, this gas will also increase temperature and water vapor as humidity. As an extraction point, place your Stealth 6" in-line fan as high as possible over your canopy and grow light to remove the hottest and most depleted air first. Placing a secondary Stealth unit low on the opposite side of your space, as an intake fan, will compliment your system by ensuring a full air exchange and odour containment.

  • Durable Ceramic-Coated Bearings
  • Components made from industrial-grade steel for easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty molded impeller
  • Thermally Protected AC Motor
  • Speed controllable (requires SpeedMaster Fan Speed Controller )
  • All Stealth Ventilation in-line fans are independently tested and ETL certified
  • Metal housing, mounting brackets and 8ft 120V cord included