Strawberry - Mignonette Alpine


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0.02gr, Approx 60 Seeds

  • Matures in 80 days
  • Exposure Full-sun

Fragaria vesca. This French delicacy may be the perfect little strawberry. Mignonette alpine strawberry seeds produce fruits that grow bigger than most alpine strawberries.  Bright red, deliciously sweet, and easy to care for. The compact perennial plants form pretty little mounds that will bear strawberries the first year. Set them around the edges of the flower garden, in hanging baskets, and windowsill planters for easy picking.

Most often called wild strawberries, or the woodland strawberry. The alpine strawberry, or European strawberry, also called "fraise des bois," is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows naturally throughout much of North America, and is a favourite of naturalists everywhere.