Tomatoes - Supremo


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10 Seeds

  • Matures in 68-70 days
  • Season Warm season
  • Exposure Full-sun
  • Good for containers
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Sets fruit well in hot weather
  • Large and extra large fruits

Supremo Roma tomato seeds are a good choice for growing in large containers. Plants are determinate (bush) with a concentrated set of large and very large red fruits. The fruits are classed as "Saladette" in style, with lots of flavour and a firm and meaty texture that makes them perfect for canning or making sauces. Supremo sets fruit well in the heat of summer. This is a very early maturing variety with an impressive hybrid resistance to disease. Supremo F1 has high resistance to Fusarium wilt, root knot, Bacterial speck, and Verticillium wilt; and intermediate resistance to Tomato Spotted wilt.