Tom's Tumbler T1600 Manual


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This is Tom's original, popular handcrank model, first released in 2013. It is affordable, easy to use and perfect for anyone looking to save time on hand trimming. It is small enough to fit on a table for trimming, but large enough to tumble 1 lb in 5 minutes or less.

NOTE: Comes with 1/2" meshnet. 1/4" meshnet and kief net sold separately.

The handcrank requires you to turn the barrel with the easy rotation barrel. It is made of furniture grade PVC and is easy to assemble/disassemble and store. Furniture-grade PCV frame, food-grade aluminum drums and axle, one MeshNet for trimming, and clear catch bag.

Dry trimmer/cultivator removes small leaves from flowers gently and efficiently, preserving structure, aroma, and trichomes. System trims dry product only (not for wet trimming unless used with CO2 adapter). Additional MeshNets can be purchased for separating and extraction.

Process 3/4-1 pound per 3-5 minute cycle; 1-6 pounds per hour.

Dimensions & weight
Dimensions: 23.5" x 29" x 26"
Weight: 28 lbs