Remo Nutrients Elements Trio


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Remo Elements provides a complete system of essential micro and macronutrients to your plants, delivered in an effective, easy-to-use powder formula. We use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to ensure that your plants receive the best possible nutrition for healthy growth.

Remo Elements has been designed to include the minimum number of products needed to avoid redundancy and reduce overall costs, while also allowing for a customized plant nutrition program.

The Remo Elements water-soluble fertilizer line can be used with any growing medium and any nutrient delivery method.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Remo Elements Part A
  • 1 x Remo Elements Part B
  • 1 x Remo Elements Supercharged Boost

PART A - The Basic Nutrition Your Plants Need

Part A contains a full spectrum of micro and macronutrients essential to keep your plants thriving. Our proprietary blend of chelated minerals and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients is ideal for optimal nutrient uptake. Use Part A throughout the entire growing cycle (vegetative and flowering stages).

PART B - A Balanced Blend of Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen

Part B is designed to complement Part A and will provide essential calcium and magnesium needed for your plants. It also contains a nitrogen boost, so you can adjust your levels and prevent deficiencies as needed by increasing or reducing Part B. Use Part B throughout the entire growing cycle (vegetative and flowering stages).

Supercharge Your Buds with Our Potent Flower Developer

SUPERCHARGED® Boost is a powerful phosphorous and potassium supplement that is developed to be used only in the flowering stage of development. This is a super concentrated formula that will contribute directly to more bud sites, as well as bigger and denser buds.